How To change Jetblue flight

How To change Jetblue flight

when you are travelling with an airline like JetBlue, then changing flights is not a tough affair! JetBlue change flight policy allows travellers to make changes to their flight bookings very conveniently so that they can travel whenever they want without having to worry about anything. The airline has tried its best to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible in terms of changing flights with the help of its JetBlue change flight policy.

While making changes to your reservation at JetBlue, you will have to pay attention to the fare class you have booked yourself in. To make things easier for people, JetBlue had eliminated its change and cancellation fee in 2021 but the flexible policy is not applicable for Blue Basic which is their lowest fare class.

As long as you have not booked yourself in Blue Basic, you can have absolute peace of mind if you want to change your flight booking or even cancel it.

So before you make a flight reservation at JetBlue and get caught in a situation where you need to change it, here is all you need to know about the JetBlue flight change policy.

JetBlue Flight change policy

If you want to change your flight reservation, then you can do so very easily for no fee, if you have booked yourself under Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus or Mint reservation. In case you have booked yourself in Blue Basic fare, then you will have to pay a JetBlue flight change fee of $100 per person for routes in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Central America and a $200 per person JetBlue change flight fee will have to be paid for all other routes, if you want to change your flight booking.

However, in all the cases, you will be liable to pay the flight difference if any. If you are changing to a flight the fare is more than the previous flight you booked yourself in, then you will have to pay the difference in fare. Contrary to this, if you are changing to a flight the booking fare is less than the one you booked previously, then the difference in the amount will be credited to your Travel Bank. Here we would like to mention that this credit will be valid for 12 months and can be used for booking a flight in future for anyone.

You do not have to worry about the flight difference if you want to change your flight to another flight on the same day of booking. JetBlue same day flight change allows you to do so very conveniently. According to the JetBlue same day change, beginning at the midnight of the day of travel, you can change to another JetBlue flight on the same day, as long as you are travelling on the same route or you are going to a nearby airport. For all fare classes, except Blue Extra, you will have to pay a JetBlue flight change fee of $75. Passengers who have booked themselves in Blue Extra can switch to another flight without paying any fee. Also, the passengers who have JetBlue Mosaic status can get a same day flight change confirmed without having to pay any fee within 24 hours of the originally scheduled flight. They are not required to wait till midnight.

Changing JetBlue flight which was booked with points

People who have booked themselves in Blue Basic fare must be knowing that you cannot make a reservation in the Blue Basic fare with JetBlue points. Hence, there is no JetBlue flight change fee charged for changing a JetBlue reward reservation. But, if your new flight costs more in terms of points in comparison to the previous one, then you will be required to pay the difference in points. Contrary to this, if your new flight costs less in terms of points in comparison to the previous one, then you will receive the difference back into your JetBlue account.

Just like the paid reservations, you can also change your flight on the day of travel without worrying about the fare difference according to the JetBlue same day flight change. The JetBlue change flight fee might be applicable similar to how it would be applied for paid fares.

Process to change a JetBlue flight

The process of JetBlue flight change is quite easy and hassle-free. This section contains the entire process of JetBlue flight change. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to changes a JetBlue flight:

This is the method through which you can change your flight through the website or through the mobile application of the airline but you also have the option to make changes to your flight by giving a call on the JetBlue change flight phone number. When you call on the JetBlue flight change phone number, you will be directed to a customer support executive. You will have to ask him to change your flight and for this you will have to give the required details. The customer support executive will make whatever changes you want to, and will confirm your flight change.

Repricing of flights at JetBlue

As we have mentioned before in this article that except the reservations made in Blue Basic fare, there is no fees charged for changing or cancelling your reservation. Hence, if your upcoming reservation goes down in price, whether paid or points, then you can reprice your flight without having to pay any charges. Earlier, this option was available only for Mosaic members, but now all the passengers are eligible for this.

For doing this, you will first have to cancel your flight and then rebook it. Here you need to remember that you cannot just change your flight to the same flight you booked previously. If you do this, you will ultimately end up with the difference in the fare price back into your account either in points or travel credits, depending on how you booked the flight.

Even if you booked under the Blue Basic fare, you might be able to cancel and rebook if the price difference goes above $100 or $200, based on where you are travelling.

JetBlue change name on the ticket and JetBlue change seats are also some options available for the convenience of the travellers. If you want to change your seats or you want to change your name or your flight ticket then you can do so with the help of manage your booking option which is available on the official website of the airline.

This was everything about the JetBlue flight changes policy. We know that you must have understood a lot of things I have to going through this article but if there is still anything which is a cause of confusion for you then there is something called JetBlue customer service change flight. You are free to contact the customer service of the airline and get all your doubts cleared about the JetBlue change flight policy.

The customer support service will be very prompt to help you and clear all your doubts and queries. So instead of complicating things for yourself, reach out to the customers about team of the airline or you can also go through the official website of the airline on your own to acquaint yourself with the flight change policy in a better way.

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