Know About jetblue credit card

Know About jetblue credit card

JetBlue never fails to come up with facilities and policies for the benefit of its customers. One of the many things that JetBlue has to reward its customers with amazing perks, is the facility of JetBlue credit card.

JetBlue provides its flyers two options for JetBlue credit cards which can help them in earning extra TrueBlue points. One is the JetBlue Card and the other one is The JetBlue Plus Card.

Issued by Barclays, both of these credit cards provide sign-up bonuses along with the ability to earn extra points on JetBlue, restaurants and other grocery store purchases. If you have any of these JetBlue credit cards, then you will also be eligible to receive discounts when you buy cocktails or in-flight foods and both of these cards also feature 0% intro APR offers.

Whatever points you earn with the help of these cards, you can redeem them to use for flight bookings on JetBlue or Hawaiian Airlines and also to purchase packages for JetBlue vacations. If you want, you can also pool your points with other TrueBlue members. The number of members in this case can go up to 7. You are also allowed to transfer points by paying charges to other TrueBlue members.

Among the many JetBlue credit card benefits, one is, that both of these cards can be used with no foreign transaction fees and both of these cards can be used anywhere in the world, even if you are in a country which is not served by JetBlue.

These were some of the similar features of these cards. Apart from these, both the cards exhibit different attributes. JetBlue Card has a shorter list of benefits, but it has $0 annual fee which makes it more pocket friendly. JetBlue Plus Card on the other hand is loaded with benefits, but is has an annual fee of $99. Let’s briefly look at the features of both the cards one by one. You can go through the features of both the cards and then decide which one is more suitable for you according to your needs.

features of the JetBlue Card

  1. Firstly, what makes this card an attractive choice is the $0 annual fee. No annual fee makes it pocket friendly for people and hence, if your priority is having a card which is less expensive, then this might be a good choice for you.
  2. If we talk about rewards, having a JetBlue Card makes you eligible for receiving 3 points on JetBlue purchases, 2 points on spending on restaurants and grocery stores and 1 point if you spend anywhere else.
  3. The card provides you sign-up bonus as well. In case of this card, you earn 10,000 bonus points after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the initial 90 days.
  4. Some other travel perks of having this card include 50% off on in-flight purchases of cocktails and food purchases.
  5. There are no redemption or anniversary bonuses provided for having this card.

features of the JetBlue Plus Card:

  1. The JetBlue Plus Card has an annual fee of $99. It is therefore a little expensive and is not as budget friendly as the JetBlue Card.
  2. In the ongoing rewards, the JetBlue Plus Card makes you eligible for receiving 6 points on JetBlue purchases, 2 points on spending on restaurants and grocery stores and 1 point if you spend anywhere else.
  3. This card provides you a sign-up bonus as well just like the JetBlue Card. In this case, the card holders receive 40,000 bonus points after they spend $1,000 on purchases and paying the annual fee in full, both within the initial 90 days.
  4. Unlike the JetBlue Card, the JetBlue Plus Card has various travel perks. Travellers get 50% off on in-flight purchases of cocktails and food purchases. For you and upto three companions of yours, first checked bag is free of charge. Also, after you spend $50,000 in a year, you get Mosaic benefits. In addition to this, after you buy a JetBlue Vacations package worth $100 or more, you will be receiving a $100 annual statement credit.
  5. JetBlue Card does not provide any redemption bonus, but contrary to this, JetBlue Plus Card provides a redemption bonus of 10%, whenever you redeem TrueBlue points to book flight.
  6. Anniversary bonus is another thing which is not provided in JetBlue Card but is given in JetBlue Plus Card. JetBlue Plus Card provides 5000 bonus points every year.

You have now the characteristics of both the cards available. You can thoroughly go through them, understand them properly and then make your decision which JetBlue Credit card suits your requirements in a better way. JetBlue credit card payments have been made quite easy with the introduction of these two cards.

It is not easy to find a card which has no annual fee. Most of the people get stuck and don’t purchase a card when they come to know about the annual fee. Hence, if you are someone who wants a card with no annual fee then you can go for purchasing JetBlue Card. This card is also a wise choice when you are not a very frequent traveller and you know that you will not be able to spend much on JetBlue.

What makes the JetBlue Plus Card a good choice is the high sign-up bonus. If you want to build your stack of points and money is not a concern for you, them JetBlue Plus Card can be a good choice for you. Also, if you are someone who keeps flying frequently and spends a lot on JetBlue, then you might be able to drive more value from the money you spend, with the help of JetBlue Plus Card. Its annual fee of $99 is indeed a little too much on the pocket but then the plethora of benefits that this card provides balances out everything and makes the annual fee justified.

Light travellers, people who spend less or infrequent travellers are not very likely to make the most out of the benefits of the JetBlue Plus Card. So it would be better that such people opt for JetBlue Card and others who are frequent travellers and spend a lot can opt for JetBlue Plus Card.

With utmost clarity, we have described everything about both the cards in the best possible way. If there still any doubt in your mind or you are not able to make a decision on your own regarding which card you should purchase then you can always reach out to the JetBlue credit card phone number to get some advice on which would be the best JetBlue credit card for you

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