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How You Can Upgrade Your Seat in JetBlue?

Upgrade your JetBlue Airways journey with an appealing first-class seat. Plunge into the lap of luxury on plush seats made to accommodate your every motion. Enjoy the luxurious upgrade to first class and prepare to be amazed. Enjoy the spacious legroom that will allow you to relax and revitalise. Here we discuss the JetBlue seat upgrade:

How To Get an Upgrade on JetBlue?

Depending on the cost you select, JetBlue gives you the option to upgrade your seat. The process is straightforward and practical. You can upgrade your seat for free or for a little price.

To upgrade your seat, please proceed as outlined below.

  • Simply visiting www.jetblue.com will take you to JetBlue’s main website.   
  • Once there, move your mouse to where it says “Manage Trips” in the homepage’s menu bar. 
  • Please fill out the areas with your last name and verification code. Follow this by selecting “continue.”
  • After entering your travel details, you can select an upgraded seat in the cabin of your choice. 
  • To see if you’re qualified for a free Jetblue seat upgrade, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Pay any necessary processing charge and finish the procedure. 
  • JetBlue Airways will notify you via email of your assigned seating change. 

Types of Seat Upgrade

There are several ways to upgrade your seat on this flight. There are several ways to improve your seat, including:

  • Even More Space

You can choose to sit in this more spacious section if you want to. Located towards the front of the plane, these seats are known for their superior comfort. 

  • Mint Class

JetBlue Mint gives you access to the airline’s premium cabin. Some transcontinental and all transatlantic flights provide it. There are lie-flat seats, gourmet meals, first-rate services, and other luxuries available to you.

  • TrueBlue Mosaic

JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty programme has a Mosiac tier for its most loyal customers. You get free seat upgrades with even more legroom if you have this rank. However, this is subject to the number of open seats.

  • Standby Upgrades

If there are empty seats on the plane, it could be possible. Then, even at the last minute, you can upgrade your seat to business or first class. You can proceed with your purchase after making the necessary payment.

Even More Space Seats Have Benefits

If you pay for the extra-legroom section of the plane, you get access to a whole host of perks.

  • These seats offer an extra 3 to 7 inches of legroom for comfort. You may get one on every JetBlue flight.
  • Get aboard the plane quickly so you can sit down. You can even get off the plane early if you sit in the first few seats! 
  • Early boarding gives you first dibs on the limited number of available overhead bin spaces, and you also receive a complimentary carry-on bag. 
  • Faster security lanes are just one more perk of upgrading to an Even More Space seat. 

Benefits of Mint Seats

This is a novel approach to JetBlue Airways’ business-class service. The advantages of this higher-class ticket include:

  • Each Mint Suite has a sliding door for privacy and a fully flat bed for comfort.
  • Take advantage of the suite’s enormous 17-inch TV, enough in-suite power and wireless charging, and flexible lighting. 
  • This course includes a slumber package with a cushion, convertible blanket, and eye mask to help you sleep. 
  • You may skip the wait at regular check-in and go straight to expedited security if you have a Mint. 
  • If you have a preferred bag claim, you may skip the queue and grab your baggage right off the carousel.

Same-Day Seat Upgrade

It is possible to change or upgrade your flight with this airline for free if you are a Mosaic member or purchased the Blue Extra fare. There are no additional costs for selecting a different seat or paying a higher rate on JetBlue Airways.

There is a $75 surcharge for any other types of tickets or passengers. The sooner in advance of your flight that you upgrade your seat, the better. You won’t have to pay the difference in price if your fare is more than $75. 

In what ways does the Jetblue app allow for seat upgrades?

Here are the steps you need to do to upgrade your seat using the JetBlue app.

  • Enter your JetBlue credentials and sign in.
  • To upgrade a reservation, use the app’s “Manage my trips” section and choose the relevant booking. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts after you’ve determined whether or not you’re eligible for a JetBlue seat upgrade.
  • Pay the fees using either cash, a credit card, or TrueBlue miles. 
  • To upgrade your seat, please click the “Make changes” or “Submit” option. 
  • Please wait for JetBlue Airlines’ postal confirmation of your upgraded seat.
  • You may get a better seat using the JetBlue app by following the steps above.

Is there a fee to upgrade to a better seat on JetBlue?

Jetblue seat selection is one of those, unfortunately, non-refundable costs. When you check in or make a reservation, you can pay extra to select your desired seat. After that, if you qualify for a JetBlue seat upgrade and your itinerary calls for it, you can request it. In addition, there is a $199 fee for upgrading your seat. However, if you are an Elite member or otherwise have a high rank, you may be eligible for special perks, such as reduced prices or even free tickets.

You can call JetBlue Airlines’ toll-free number if you have questions about Seat Upgradation.

When choosing seats on JetBlue, how can I request a wheelchair?

All of JetBlue’s airports have wheelchair service available for customers. Those who want wheelchair assistance can ask for it when they book their tickets. If you’re interested in learning the process, read on.

  • To book your flight with JetBlue, head to their website and select the “Booking” tab. 
  • The “Checkout” button is located on the booking page. The link first takes you to the passenger information page. 
  • The first step is to log in to your JetBlue account. You will be able to view this page if you do so. 
  • Use the form fields and the “Submit” button to request a wheelchair.
  • JetBlue Airlines will confirm your wheelchair reservation with an email.

Is there a Fee to Reserve a Wheelchair-Accessible Seat?

At JetBlue, you’ll get friendly, customer-focused service. There is no additional fee for making a special request on JetBlue. Including the wheelchair service in your existing seat reservations will not incur additional costs. When you get to the airport, just let a JetBlue employee know you’d like the extra assistance. When flying with JetBlue, you can count on help from the friendly flight crew.

Call them to request the wheelchair service at least 48 hours before your trip takes off. You can let JetBlue Airlines take care of everything else.


After reading this, you should have a firm grasp of the JetBlue seat upgrading process. Get the best answers by calling the JetBlue helpdesk at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or 1-802-216-2178 or talking to a JetBlue agent over the phone. This post is useful in finding the best answer for you.


Can you upgrade seats on JetBlue?  

The availability of upgraded seats in the desired cabin class. On some routes, you may book a seat in the mint class. For free flight and seat upgrades, call JetBlue at 1-888-526-0444. Shortly before takeoff, JetBlue offers its customers a complimentary standby upgrade.

Is it worth it to upgrade seats on JetBlue?  

If you’re flying for business, consider spending the extra money to get an Even More Space seat. Would you pay more for an aisle seat, board first, and breeze through security? If that’s the case, the higher price tag could be acceptable.

Can you upgrade JetBlue tickets after purchase?

Choose an Even More Space seat when you make your reservation or at check-in to see how much more it will cost for the journey. You may still purchase an Even More Space seat upgrade and enjoy its perks with a basic economy JetBlue ticket.

Can you upgrade from JetBlue basic after booking?  

It is not possible to upgrade a Blue Basic ticket to a regular Blue ticket. Within 24 hours of making a mistake fare purchase, you can cancel and rebook the right fare at no additional cost.

How do I pick my seat on JetBlue?  

You may choose your seat on the plane once you’ve finished purchasing your flight (or at any point during the process, depending on the airline). The airline will automatically allocate seats next to each other if you book a ticket with friends or family members on the same reservation.

Is JetBlue seat selection free?  

Blue Basic is their most affordable fare option; however, it does not come with a choice of seats. For a charge, you can choose your seats at any time when purchasing a Blue Basic fare.

Does JetBlue charge for seat selection?

Blue Basic does not offer a free JetBlue seat selection, unlike their other fare options. For a charge, you can choose your seats for Blue Basic fares whenever you’d like.

What happens if you don’t select a seat on JetBlue?  

Operations personnel will assign you a seat on the day of your flight, and you are welcome to inquire about any available Exit row or bulkhead seats. At that point, there is no further cost.

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